Caldaia Controls Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment Services


Water Treatment Services

Caldaia Controls Water Treatment team provides quality water & chemical treatment, in-depth reporting & analysis, and chemical products in various quantities depending on your facilities’ needs.

Our services include testing of all on-site water sources, Wastewater Treatment & Equipment, Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment, Process Chemicals, and Lab-Analysis Services.

We strive to improve the overall condition of your plant’s water streams to protect your equipment, improve plant efficiency, and keep your plant compliant with all regulations.

An aerial view of a water treatment facility at an industrial plant.

Water Treatment Markets

Caldaia Controls offers water treatment services for a wide variety of Industrial markets including:

  • Refineries
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Power Generation
  • Paper/Wood Production
  • Medical Facilities
  • General Industry

With our highly skilled and experienced team, Caldaia Controls is available to support your market and exceed the industry standard for Water Treatment and Chemical Service.



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