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Caldaia Controls provides a multi-discipline
approach to combustion tuning and analysis

Tuning industrial boilers for optimal efficiency.

Boiler tuning is an important maintenance item used to adjust the air to fuel ratio in the boiler and achieve maximum combustion efficiency – the measure of how effectively the heat content of a fuel is transferred into usable heat.

Beyond ensuring long term equipment life and operational reliability, highly efficient boiler systems can mean significant bottom-line cost reduction, NOx reduction and fuel savings. Boiler tuning should be performed each year to maintain peak efficiency.

A regular boiler tune-up provides an opportunity to verify current boiler operating performance and establish a baseline for optimization adjustments, such as fine-tuning the amount of excess air available to completely burn the fuel. Using the optimal amount of excess air minimizes heat loss up the stack and improves combustion efficiency. It is not uncommon for boilers to operate at greater than desired excess air levels, resulting in in heat lost due to the increased flue gas flow, which lowers the overall boiler fuel-to-steam efficiency.

NESHAP MACT & Government Compliance Testing Provided

All our testing equipment is maintained & factory certified according to national standards


Ensuring your plants safety is our number one priority.

No plant owner wants emergency shutdowns or equipment downtime, and the plant manager doesn’t want to be responsible if it occurs because boilers (or other equipment) weren’t serviced, inspected or maintained properly.

While boiler safety devices are designed to prevent dangerous conditions from turning into disasters, only proper boiler maintenance prevents the development of dangerous operating conditions in the first place. The only way the plant manager can be confident that control or safety devices are functioning properly is by regularly performing required maintenance, testing and inspection.

Industrial Plant Instrumentation & Control Systems

The right combination of process sensors, valves, control systems and programming is fundamental to the success of any industrial manufacturing process. The top target of every plant management or plant ownership is to achieve the safest and maximum production out of their equipment, machinery and devices. In order to reach that target, one of the major steps it follows is to install good instrumentation in the plant. We have the field-experience and technical know-how to support your next instrument and controls new installation, maintenance, update or upgrade project.

CAD Electrical Drawings

Over time new equipment gets added or upgraded in your plant system to improve the performance or analysis of your plant process.  Maintaining up-to-date electrical diagrams is vital for the safety of your employees and contractors when troubleshooting problems. Our CAD electrical drawing service includes:

  • Wiring verification form PLC to field devices
  • Wire labeling
  • CAD electrical drawings/schematics (from scratch)

Save precious time solving complex electrical problems in your plant system and prevent accidental damage to your more sensitive instrumentation and controls equipment.

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Remote Monitoring & Support

Caldaia Controls want to help keep your plant operating without unexpected trips and shutdowns, while improving your plants overall efficiency. With Caldaia Controls Triage Support Services, we offer 24/7 remote data monitoring and support for over 300 data processors, PLC’s, HMI’s and industry standard drivers. Through extensive data analysis we are able to predict, diagnose, and prevent issues within your systems. Contact one of our Specialists to learn more about our Triage Services including


      • 24/7/365 Live Support
      • Continuous 24/7/365 Asset Monitoring
      • Equipment Utilization Analysis
      • Efficiency Modeling & Drift Detection
      • Weekly Performance Reporting
      • Intelligent Alerting & Alarm Analysis
      • Performance Analysis & Visualization
      • Maintenance Forecasting
      • Anomaly Detection & Early Warning Analysis
      • Intelligent Root Cause Analysis

With Triage, our goal is to help you cut out costly and unexpected outages, improve plant efficiency, and protect your equipment from previously undetectable problems.

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