Custom SCADA-HMI system development to tag modifications & additions.

Our SCADA-HMI development team delivers professional system integration services that consistently exceed our client expectations.

Working In Partnership

We believe in treating each SCADA-HMI system as our own. Our goal is to become a trusted extension of your plant operation. Working closely with your operation team, we strive to develop a custom solution to provide the data, analysis and control to maximize your plant performance, quickly troubleshoot problems and minimize downtime.

Delivering powerful, SCADA-HMI driven solutions for industrial & manufacturing plants, refineries, mills, hospitals, universities and government complexes. Our clients benefit from our team approach and our platform for open communication and project management.  We are proficient in many SCADA-HMI platforms, software programs and hardware components need to develop the perfect SCADA-HMI solution for your specific needs.

Through partnerships we create world-class innovative solutions that will positively your plant performance

System Integration & Design Specialist

We work closely with each client to establish plant-specific requirements and standards as well as discuss future growth options. Our goal is to design a scalable SCADA-HMI solution, using industry standards, that provides the ability to expand the application easily to meet any future demands. We also feel it is important to develop a solution around the current operation and work processes, not to disrupt normal work flow, but to enhance it.

Caldaia SCADA-HMI systems are subjected to rigorous internal testing and multiple quality control checks before being installed in a production environment. This serves to eliminate issues during startup and helps to ensure these critical systems and alarms function properly under all circumstances.

SCADA-HMI Services

We believe all of our teams have the potential to deliver amazing SCADA-HMI solutions. Below is a list of our SCADA-HMI services:

  • Custom HMI development
  • System Upgrades
  • System studies & analysis
  • Standards development
  • Project reports
  • Virtualization architecture
  • Virtualization solutions for legacy systems
  • Maintenance
  • Mobile/Web access options
  • Data backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Data analytics & reporting
  • Onsite Training

We look forward to working with you on your next SCADA-HMI project!



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