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Experienced Boiler Operators

Caldaia Controls Boiler Operators are highly skilled, hard working, and enthusiastic about day to day boiler operations. Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to make a seamless transition into your boiler room to help ensure your every day tasks are done safely and efficiently for an optimal experience while we are at your facility. Knowing the ins and outs of boiler operations can only come with experience, and our staff works regularly with many boiler brands such as Cleaver Brooks, Lochinvar, Victory Boiler, Ware Boiler, Weil-McLain and more.

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Daily Objectives

Every day while in operation of your boiler facility, our dedicated staff hold themselves accountable and follow strict routines to ensure your boilers are run safely:

  • All of our operators follow ASME guidelines and operating procedures while managing your equipment
  • Record all data relevant to daily boiler operations, such as temperatures, pressures, fuel usage, etc.
  • Keep a detailed log of all daily activities, inspections, alarms, issues, and maintenance completed to keep everyone informed and up to date at the facility
  • Report all potentially hazardous conditions and equipment issues to supervisors and lock out/tag out equipment deemed unsafe by industry standard guidelines
  • Perform daily water quality tests to ensure proper water conditions are met to protect equipment
  • Maintain clean and safe work spaces and equipment


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